Doc update

Today I had to go to the doc and get my BP med refills.  Went better than expected.  My BP was great 104/74.  The best it has been in 3 months.  This being said the meds are working.  I talked to her about this life change and how I wasn’t sure if it was the right thing or not being that I hadn’t lost any weight in 2 weeks.  She asked me a very interesting question.  She asked if I felt better.  I told her yes.  She said is it easier to work out…again my answer was yes…..she said where is the problem.  Keep doing what you are doing and then you can adjust if you stop seeing results.  So I will keep controlling my portions, eat more veggies, drink more water, and keep going to the gym.  Not that I was going to stop I was just looking for another way to lose the weight.

SO tomorrow I will get up have some breakfast and then head to the gym.

Till Next Time….

Another day

I am looking at the 1200 calories that I have been trying to stay under and I am wondering if my body is thinking I am starving it.  For 2 weeks I have been under except for 1 day.   I have lost no weight.  I am a bit discouraged I wont lie but I am looking into eating more veggies and fruit and drinking more water.  I am at least eating better which has to be better for me anyway.  I am talking to the doctor on Monday about anything she may have to say but I know I am doing the right thing for me.  I do feel better.  I am loosing inches all though the scale says no weight lose.  I just need to see it move.  It is what we use to see progress, the scale that is.

My boss is doing weight watchers.  I would possible do that if it didn’t cost so much.  But it does help that there isn’t all the junk around work.

I am not discouraged although it does sound that way.  I just needed to vent.  I am in it to win it!  This is my year and I am going to lose the weight and I am going to get healthy!  I AM!

Till Next Time…

Another day another…

I was wide awake at 7 this morning and by 730 I was headed to the gym.  I get there sign in head to the work out room.  All the treadmills are full.  My brain says go home come back later.  But I didn’t listen to that.  I put my stuff in the little cubby hole and headed for the stationary bikes.  I got new ear phones (see previous post) put them in my ears and away I road.  I just thru several songs on the mp3 player and as I rode along I laughed several times at some of my song choices:  I like to move it (which is a fav) Dancing Queen, Whip it, 1 2 step, several Prince songs, Just to name a few. It sunny that all the songs had a happy memory attached to them…made the ride very funny for me.  Then I worked out my core on the machines.  Tried to do an extra rep on each machine.  Figure I will up it every time I go and try to build more muscle.  One day at a time.  SO we will call this a win day at the gym.  Changing up cardio is probably a good idea every once in a while anyway right!

Got home and fried a pound of turkey bacon…No I didn’t eat it all. Only 3 pieces.  It was really good but now I have some for the rest of the week already cooked.  I can have on sandwich’s or salad.  Another win!  Had 3 scrambled egg whites also!

This weekend will be a test for me.  I had an aunt pass away and for as far back as I can remember the family eats when we are all together.  This will be my first test of will power.  I have my mind in the right place so good lord willing I can stay strong on the food front.  The second hardest part is knowing tat my aunt looks just like my mother that dies several years ago.  So it will be an emotional time as well and what happens during emotional times…I have been known to eat.  SO far I am doing good with this.  Like I said before I am luck to have the support group that I have in place this time because failure is not an option.

Busy weekend so I’ll try to blog when I can….Till Next time……

The first trip to the gym….

Got up this morning and grabbed my keys and headed for the gym (got dressed of course but that’s a given) .  I pulled in the parking lot and it wasn’t very crowed which for me is a good thing.  I sign in at the desk and walk down the hallway thinking I can do this…the hall way seemed longer and longer. Maybe out of fear.  Fear that I don’t want this to be a passing phase.  I have support this time around and I have will power and I AM going to do this.  I walk thru the door and there are 2 people on treadmills already plugging away.  I get my coat off and head over to the scale.  THIS IS IT.  THE MOMENT OF DREAD.  I kick my shoes off and I think OK back toward the end of Oct I was weighing in at 244. So I set the scale there. I took a deep breath in closed my eyes and stepped on the scale and let my breath out.  When I opened them I got a surprise.  I needed to move the bar.  I moved it a bit more and had to move it again.  It went down 14 pounds.  I know I had a busy holiday season and work was crazy but it looks like watching my portions was a really good thing.

So, the Official weigh in is 230 lbs.  I’m sure if anyone was watching they got a kick out of the surprise on my face.

With this good thought in mind I headed to the treadmill.  I unroll the earphone to see that part of it is missing.  The part that plugs into iPod.  So no music for me today :0(  What do you do when you have no music you count your steps…yes I was bored but was determined to stay on that thing for 20 minutes and a 2 minute cool down.  216 steps a minute for 4320 steps in that 20 minutes.  I walked at 2.9 miles an hour I’ll get that up.  burning 116.5 calories.  1 mile  YEAH ME!  Then I worked my core a bit with some weight training.  I didn’t over do it because I want to continue and not peter out like before.

I feel good about my workout today and will be back there on Friday.

Added walk…went to campus and got my books and decided to walk campus while I was there as well…extra cardio…and its FN cold here :0)