Pot roast in the pressure cooker xl

Hey everyone! So today I decided to make a roast in the pressure cooker.

I bought a bottom round roast 1.78 pounds some carrots, celery, onion, garlic. I raided the cupboard and didn’t find any beef broth so I used vegetable broth (just a cup) and some water

Cut up the veggies

Seared the roast on both sides with some garlic powder on it in the pressure cooker (put in a little olive oil in the bottom of the pan) and took it out. Then sautéed the onion celery and garlic for a little bit.

Turned it off and added the carrots and potatoes to the bottom of the pot. Put my meat on top of that. Put some salt and pepper on it and sealed the lid! I then hit the cook time selector and made it go to medium.

Set the pressure cooker for 40 minutes and crossed my fingers (this is only my third meal in the pressure cooker.)

Timer beeps, I slowly let the air out a few times,  then let it all out. Take off the lid and the results:

Then to plate it…..

Good stuff! We will so be having this again!

Pressure cooker….OMG

I see it has been a bit since my last blog. Life gets busy quick as most of you know. How ever I have been seeing on FB and on Pinterest all these really cool things you can make quickly in a pressure cooker. Then last Sunday we were watching tv and an infomercial comes on with the pressure cooker xl and all the cool things you can make with it. Got the Curiosity up a lot and while out shopping this week I picked one up. 

Read the manual (yes I do do that), and went to the grocery to pick up ingredients for my first attempt in joining the pressure cooker family. 

Washed the pressure cooker before we started, figured the good Lord only knows how long it’s been in the box and all that :0)

So we are having chicken tenders with carrots, celery, garlic and herbs! I’m also making some dressing on the side to add to the dish.


4 stakes of celery, Half of a yellow onion, 4 red potatoes, clove of garlic, a generous portion of carrots, 1 1/2 pounds of chicken tenders and a cup of chicken broth. Threw in some Italian seasoning, rosemary salt, little garlic salt and ground pepper. Just enough rosemary slot and pepper to cover the tenders.

Cut it up and threw it in the pot….put the lid on and hit the chicken button…fingers crossed…so it took 10 minutes for it to come up to pressure, but things started smelling good. My pot says 15 minutes..so we wait…

After the 15 minutes I let the pressure out a little at a time like 6 times then released it all the way. Took the lid off to see if everything was done…

This was the most tender chicken I have ever eaten! I’m in love with a pressure cooker! 

I think turkey breast is next on the cooking front!