About ME!

Ask me what you will…Be sure that you want to know the answer.

A little about me…I have been up and down on the weight loss train for as long as I can remember.  I do good for a while then I just give up.  Not going to happen this year.  I have set myself up with a good support system that will help me.  I am doing this for my health and not for any other reason. 2011 I was put on BP meds and I don’t want to have to be on them for ever.  I hate having to remember at 9 pm every night to take a pill.

I am using this as a way to keep track of the good the bad and the ugly.  Please feel free to follow me, leave encouraging messages and by all means leave your blog addy.  I think it take a village to make this journey a success.

I am going to have good days, bad days, really bad days, but I am only human.  So one day at a time is all I am going to look at.  Yes I have made goals for the long hall.  Now I need to make some short-term goals!


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