It it almost done

As I have been putting together my last papers for College I have been reminded time and time again that life is to short to not take a minute and reflect on how far I have come in my life.  I am getting ready to Graduate College, something I did not think I could do after being out of high school for so long.  I have a family that supports me in everything that I do. Wish everyone had that :0)

I wish I could share this with my mother.  She passed many years back and I know how very proud she would be of me following thru and walking across the stage to get my diploma.  She will be looking down along with some of her friends and I will feel her wonderful smile and I will have a great peace knowing that.

On another note I am back to walking again.  I did come off half of my BP meds due to exercise.  You gotta love that. Doc thinks that I will be off more meds in 6 months if I lee this up.  I am all for that.  I still haven’t lost weight but I have seen more inches off my body.  She told me to throw the scale in the trash.  I am taking the one I bought back.  She is right if my clothes fit looser then I am doing something right.  We did decide that my body may think it is starving tis self so I am eating a bit more.  That seems to be helping as well.  My body needs more than 1500 calories.  Not many more but a bit.  I am also cutting out some carbs.  That should help too.  Still laying off the three pops a day and having maybe one a week and not a whole one :0)

I am ready for this last cram week to be over.  Exams next week and then next Sunday is graduation.  Then on to a new chapter in my life.  Bring it!

April 24, 2013 rain and my thoughts

As the semester comes to a close I stop and ponder on what I have been doing the last 16 weeks. Geology all though really hard last semester has gone pretty smooth. Right down to the travel pamphlets we have had to make for the different time periods. I have adopted 2 jelly fish into them…Ernie and Burnie from Shark tales. They have had a cafe in everything period in history. Singing songs like “it’s getting hot in hear let’s keep on all our clothes,” “everybody walk the dinosaur,” and there famous hit, ” we are going to need a bigger boat.” All funny spoofs for my prof.
Comm class has gone well. I mean I can talk to a tree so it can’t be too bad right….right.
Today is full of rain……hate the rain…but it is better then the white stuff any day.
Met some great people the semester that I hope to continue contact with. Most in my field of study which is always good.
One more week of school. 2 classes and I can sell my books!!!!!!
There has been a lot of terrible things I. The world the last week…the bombing in Boston, another shooting, week before that a college kid knifing his fellow class mates. This world is a crazy place. My prayers are with the families of the victims and the family’s of the accused. They all have different demons they will have to fight.
Best news is my beautiful niece got into CTC and she gets the field of her choice. Only 2 others from her school got accepted into her program. I am so very proud of her.
My bicycle is now ready to hit the trails. Got it all cleaned up and ready to go! Now I need a dry warm day.
Have a great day world. Lets go out and be the change!