Day Ten: Mystery

To me there is no greater mystery than that of what a dog thinks. I am very lucky to have dogs that tolerate my wanting to dress them up….well kinda…

I’m guessing my little sheltie is saying….I’m done give me my piece of cheese. I can only imagine what they say about me to each other

I call this one smoke break…

At least they love….even if it is because I can reach the treats.

So far so good

Well the new year is here and it is going well.
Joined the neighborhood Planet Fitness, have gone 2xs even contacted a personal trainer that will get back with me later in the week.
Eating better or at least eating things that are better for me. Adding fruit and veggies to meals is helping feel full :0)
Yesterday it snowed here in the 937. Spent time shoveling and snow blowing. That was a bigger work out then the gym for sure. Now it’s just bitterly cold. Nieces have only had one day of school this week. Guessing they won’t have it tomorrow either. Gonna be even colder tomorrow…brrrrrrrr
I had forgotten how much energy I get from walking in the mornings. I have been cleaning today like no bodies business. It’s been crazy.
Resolutions are going well! I know only 7 days in but you know I feel good about it!
The dogs have been barking and acting crazy all day…they hate the vacuum. After I shut it off this was Luna….

Silly dog :0)
Looking forward to what this year brings!


What an interesting word, mystery. This one took me some time to think about. This picture makes me wonder what she is wishing with her magic dust…

Then there is this shot….

Makes me wonder one….where does this path lead and secondly…..I wonder what kind of conversations happen on these benches.
But lastly I wonder what they are dreaming of…

There is the true mystery!


So many ideas went through my brain as I was thinking about our the word of the day. Here in Ohio I saw my first snow flakes of the year as I was running errands this morning. The thought of this just makes me cold. When I opened the front door I saw this on the couch….

It’s one of the clan all curled up on the couch with her favorite blanket and her sweater on. Snug as a bug in a rug :0)
The warmth of a smile is also a good one for this…there’s just something about a happy dog that warms your heart!

I may love the fur kids….just saying
But what really shows warmth to me is to capture moments like this…

This was from my nieces Jr. Prom this last spring. Cute kids :0) I may be a bit bias.
These are just a few of the things that show warmth to me. What about you?