Day 1 of photo challenge

I was given the task to describe home in a photo. As I thought about what this word means I saw this and thought to myself that might work…

Coffee mug :0)
But really what it most boils down to is this…..

A safe place to be silly and creative, a place to be myself. Must be doing something right the Dog is even relaxed.

That’s home!

Aug 28, 2013 let’s here it for the pup

Today I hung out with little Spud! We kinda laid around and just chilled out.

Was a great day. Treats, walks, playing catch, just some of the things we did!
I love having Spud around to play with!
Looks like I was on Tv at Aunt Kikis house. They were watching old movies of my younger years.

Fun times!
Wonder what were gonna do tomorrow?