Who knew….

So I have been walking again.  I know its bout time but I am doing this and feeling good about it again :0)

Last week I logged 28.74 miles and 66,620 steps.  I feel good about it too!

One step is better then one more second on the couch for me. I was going to skip it today and just sleep in but God had other plans.  I woke up from a crazy nightmare and thought well I’m up I might as well walk it off and I did!  Saw a beautiful sun rise.  I am blessed.

I am drinking more water again and eating better and am feeling good!  Started measuring again this week so I will get back caught up with that on my next blog.  Watching my BP.  I am on meds but my BP is way low compared to what it has been to get me on said BP meds.  I go to the Doc in 3 weeks and I am going to talk to her about that.  If it stays low I may have to adjust by calling her.  We shall see.  My BP after a 1.5 mile walk and a 25 minute bike ride in the humidity was 117/63  that seems a bit low but Im watching it.

Other then that life is what it is.  

I made zucchini bread from scratch.  Let me tell ya it was WONDERFUL!  Neighbors liked it and I am taking a piece to my dad and sister the rest well….its mine :0)

well that is my update…..till next time…….

Been a minute

Been awhile since I shared my thoughts. Not that I haven’t had many I just have kept to myself. No real reason why I just have. Maybe it has been from the lack of sun and no motivation.
I got back on the scale this week and I’m not very happy with myself. It’s not that bad but bad enough. I put 4 pounds back on. Hopefully with a bit of structure I can get those and more back off.
My bicycle is in the shop getting its spring tune up….started my calorie counting again…started using myfitnesspal again…..went back to the gym today…feeling good about it :0)
Just have to keep myself motivated that’s all. I can do this!
So here I go…..bring on the world!!!!!