Day Four: BlissĀ 

The definition we were given is:

Bliss: complete happiness, great joy, paradise, or heaven.

There are many things that make me blissful, my family, my dogs, my camera, a babies laugh, and the ocean to name a few. 

I love Mr Potato Head and I do a blog with him a few times a month.


Mr P and I becoming a family

You can check us out on you won’t be disappointed.

Then there is my latest craze Legos that look  like me and the wife.
I’m a big kid at heart! Makes the days go by in a fun way! Geocaching makes me happy as well!

So my bliss is enjoying life!


Day 4 Bliss

This word got me to thinking about what truely makes me happy. There are so many things really.
The first picture is of one of my sisters and I enjoying a day at the amusement park…

Not able to ad a caption because I’m using the Wp on the go app. But really how often do you get chased by a dinosaur and get to stop for a selfie :0)
But today my bliss comes from something different. Something more for just me…..

My happy spot. Kicked back in the recliner with my feet up and crossed ready sit back and have some me time. Got my little computer up and ready to log in to see what my fellow photo bloggers have chosen for there Bliss picture. My phone incase I need to make a call, a magazine to read when I’m done with the computer and my gummy bears to get me thru the afternoon, and my pizza lego guy to remind me there is left over pizza for lunch in the fridge :0)
One last thing to share….I shot a wedding last month and got this…..

Watching the bliss of the day reminds me of why I enjoy weddings. To me it’s about the commitment. The ring to me is a reminder of that bliss.
I believe bliss comes from inside you and can change many times and in many ways. The world can cause a lot of not so blissful moments but we should try and find the bliss inside our selves so we can make it thru.
What does bliss mean to you?